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Control and Instrumentation Glossary

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Unit Control Panel
A control panel associated with a single unit of equipment, e.g. compressor control panel.
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Upper Flamability Limit
Above the UFL a mixture of substance and air lacks sufficient air to burn.
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UFL - Upper Flammable Limit
The concentration of flammable gas in air at atmospheric pressure above which combustion will not occur.
The figure is expressed as a percentage by volume.
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UL - Underwriters Laboratories
North American based independent not-for-profit product-safety testing and certification organisation.

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Flexible cables carrying electrical and instrument wiring; hydraulic tubing and chemical tubing.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply
A UPS sits between a power source and a device (e.g. a computer) to prevent undesired features of the power source (outages; surges etc.) adversely affecting the performance of the device.
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Universal Serial Bus
An external bus standard for connecting as many as 127 peripheral devices to computers with data transfer rates up to 12 Mbps.
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US Gallons Per Day

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