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Control and Instrumentation Glossary

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Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
The suite of communications protocols used to connect devices on the internet or similar network.
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Temperature Classification
The maximum surface temperature that a product destined for use in a potentially hazardous atmosphere is allowed to operate at.

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Test Precision
The degree of agreement between measurements of the same property expressed in terms of the dispersion of the results around the arithmetic mean.
Usually associated with analysers.
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Triple Modular Redundant

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An element or device that receives information in the form of one quantity and converts it to information in the same or another quantity or form.

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Name given to the internals i.e. plug and seat of a valve.
Rather than replace a complete valve the trim is often replaced utilising the existing body and actuator.
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Topside Umbilical Termination Unit
Provides interface between topside equipment e.g. hydraulics and umbilical.
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Notified Body based in Germany and Austria.

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