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LAN - Local Area Network
A data communications network which is geographically limited (typically to a 1 km radius) allowing easy interconnection of devices.
Ethernet is an example of a standard LAN.
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French based Notified Body

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Light Emitting Diode

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LEL - Lower Explosive Limit
Below the LEL a mixture of substance and air lacks sufficient fuel (substance) to burn.

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Local Equipment Room

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Lower Flamability Limit
Below the LFL a mixture of substance and air lacks sufficient fuel (substance) to burn.
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The closeness to which a curve approximates a straight line or the deviation of an instrument's response from a straight line.

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LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas
Natural gas (mainly methane) refrigerated to reach liquid phase suitable for transportation in specialised vessels or by pipeline.

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Spanish based Notified Body

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LOPA - Layers of Protection Analysis
A semi-quantitative risk analysis technique.
LOPA results are intended to be conservative (overestimating the risk) and usually adequate to understand the required safety integrity level.
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Line of Sight
Typically used with reference to telecommunication devices.
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