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Control and Instrumentation Glossary

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Fire and Gas
Typically used when refering to Fire and Gas detection systems
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Factory Acceptance Test
A test of equipment carried out at supplier's factory prior to shipment of equipment - usually witnessed by purchaser
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Functional Design Specification

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A communications protocol used to connect process instrumentation and control systems

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Fire Resistant
Term used when specifying cables.
A cable which is designed to function in a fire ensuring the integrity of vital circuits such as essential and emergency systems.
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The common name for hazardous area protection type EExd.

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Flash Point
Flash Point Temperature is the lowest temperature at which a liquid releases sufficient vapour that can be ignited by an energy source

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FM - Factory Mutual
North American insurance company who provide certification of industrial and commercial products

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Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Identifies failure modes - their causes and effects - the safeguards already incorporated and the potential additional measures that could be considered
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Fault Tree Analysis
A method of calculating the probability of an event from the probabilities or frequencies of its causal events.
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A measure of the tendency of a gas to escape or expand
Fugacity is the pressure value needed at a given temperature to make the properties of a non-ideal gas satisfy the equation for an ideal gas
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