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ED - Explosive Decompression
Phenomenon whereby seals of a valve (or similar) absorb high pressure gas and when the system is depressurised the seals release their pressure causing failure.

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Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association

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Elevated Zero
A range in which the zero value of the measured variable exceeds the lower range value.

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ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

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EN - EuroNorm
Standard issued by CEN/CENELEC normally prefixed by the national issuing body e.g. BS EN

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End of Line
Name given to resistors added to a circuit for line monitoring i.e. end of line resistors.
Often used in circuits containing fire and gas detection equipment.
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Environmental Protection Agency
A US government agency that issues emissions standards and monitoring policies for environmental pollutants in air; water and soil.
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Equal Percentage
An equal percentage valve trim is machined so that an equal increment of stem travel produces an equal change in flow through the valve

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The difference between the measured signal and the true value.

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ESD - Emergency Shutdown System
An automatic system for shutting down plant in a prescribed orderly manner to prevent escalation of a potentially hazardous situation

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Explosion protection by means of the concept of Intrinsic Safety where protection is maintained with up to 2 component or other faults

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Explosion protection by means of the concept of Intrinsic Safety where protection is maintained with up to 1 component or other fault

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Extension Cable
Cable whose wires are nominally the same conductors as the thermocouple to which it will be connected.
Extension cables possess similar though not identical thermo-electric characteristics as the thermocouple which mitigates connection problems.
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